Yard Clean-up

Dog Poop Isn't a Fertilizer Like Cow Poop!
We put cow manure on our crops to help them grow, so shouldn’t dog poop do the same for grass and flowers? Unfortunately, this is a common misconception about dog waste, and the reason lies in the animals’ diets: cows primarily eat grass and grain while dogs typically eat meat.         
Because dogs eat more protein, their waste is highly acidic, contains microbes and leaves excess nutrients in places like our lakes and rivers that cause excess algae to grow.
In addition to nutrients, dog poop also contains pathogens, which are illness-causing bacteriasuch as E. coli and salmonella. If they end up in our drinking, swimming, and fishing water, everyone is affected, including pets, and other wildlife.
Not to mention dog waste also contains nitrogen, which explains why your grass can turn brown or yellow in spots.
The best way to keep your lawn green is to promptly clean up after your dog, or at least on a weekly basis.
Let us help keep your yard attractive and safe,  add this to any service starting at $10.00  per visit